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‘Burning_Pikachu’ originates from my frequently used gaming ID. This project visually expresses the emotions and experiences I have encountered while playing computer games. It reflects my online identity and explores how the self in the game interacts with and influences the self in the real world.

This project also visualizes the nostalgia of the gaming culture from the 90s and early 2000s, a period that encompasses my childhood. Elements such as game consoles, pixel art, and joysticks evoke strong nostalgia. Reinterpreting these elements from a contemporary perspective aims to introduce new aesthetics derived from digital culture.

Additionally, ‘Burning_Pikachu’ explores the boundaries between digital media and reality. By integrating elements of virtual reality into real-world landscapes, it seeks to depict the blurred lines between these two worlds. The project also visualizes the impact of technological advancements on humanity and reflects the interconnected nature of modern society through digital devices.

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