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Plastic Buddha

Plastic Buddha is a project that expressed by my reinterpretation of traditional Buddhist art and teaching

Bul Hwa


Appropriation works of traditional Buddhist paintings from 5th to 19th Century in Korea.

108_1 00:10 Video Footage, 2022

108_2 00:10 Video Footage, 2022

108_3 00:10 Video Footage, 2022

108_4 00:10 Video Footage, 2022

108_5 00:10 Video Footage, 2023

108_6 00:10 Video Footage, 2023


is the video project that visualize

108 Klesas: afflictions that pollute the body and mind of sentient beings in Buddhism perspective.


Buddhism often emphasizes the pain of life. However, it is meaningless if we only focus on the pain itself. The value of suffer comes out when we overcome it.

Klesas states the suffering comes from the obsession that clouds the mind. The project '108' expresses the joy of accomplishment when you overcome pain. By creating digital works that has a freedom from the physical world, I'm highlighting the transcendent mind as well.

Buddha Packages, 1:00 Video Footage, 2021

Heart Sutra Summary, 1:03 Video Footage, 2021

Mara's Three Daughters, dye sublimation on shaped aluminum, 2020; 30 x 27 in each.


Mara said to his daughters, “daughters, together, you shall go under that bodhi tree and entice this Sakyamuni from his enlightenment.” The daughters went on to Bodhi tree and tried to seduce the Bodhisattva with their beauty. The daughters said to Bodhisattva, “the time is Spring, trees and grasses are growing, even humans are happy when they are young. Youth never comes back. It’s absurd to get enlightenment by meditation. Why don’t you play together with us?” Without any wavering, the Bodhisattva reaches out in soft words, “the pleasures of the flesh are accompanied by anguish. I have transcended such anguish long ago, people all over the world do not realize this and are in a passion. I am about to reach absolute freedom in mind. What are you going to do with the dirty shits inside of those skin bags? I am not happy.”

The Appearance of Maitreya, 60 seconds looping video on LED fan and sound output from JBL speaker; 2020, 25x25 in.

Won-Hyo, mixed media installation, 2019; size vary.

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